ISSLS Research Grant Sponsored by Taisho Pharmaceutical


Purpose: To promote research in the lumbar spine.

Description: The research proposal can be in either basic science, biomechanics, or clinical field. The research proposal will be judged on significance, quality of the hypothesis, experimental protocol, and feasibility. Projects that intend to use the ISSLS funding to lead to other larger funding sources are encouraged but must have a strong plan for further funding. The winning proposal will get a $20,000.00 award. The principal investigator must be less than 45 years of age. At least one investigator must be an ISSLS member. The research funds can not be used as salary for any of the investigators. The recipient will provide a progress report to the research committee in writing prior to the annual meeting and make a presentation during the annual meeting. The winner of this grant will be announced at the Fellowship Ceremony during the annual meeting in Banff.


ISSLS Research Grant Sponsored by Taisho Toyama Pharmaceuticals for $20,000 each year. ISSLS will not cover any indirect/overhead costs as part of this award only costs for the research cost.

Research Grant Committee:

Secretary of ISSLS – Kazuhiro Chiba (Chairman)
ISSLS President – Teija Lund
1st Vice President – Tom Oxland
2nd Vice President – Mamoru Kawakami
Scientific representatives - Wilco Jacobs, Cornelia Neidlinger-Wilke and Kazuhiro Hasegawa

Proposal Format:

E-mail the application to the ISSLS Administrative office Deadline for applications: February 28, 2018