The ISSLS Clinical Travelling Fellowship: sponsored by Seoul Chuk Hospital

Gianluca Vadala

Last year’s winner is Dr Gianluca Vadalà from Italy who is planning his visit to Dr Daisuke Sakai in Japan.

(in photo: Tim Yoon (Past Secretary), Gianluca Vadalà and Dong Yun Kim (Seoul Chuk Hospital)


ISSLS is pleased to announce a call for applications for its Clinical Travelling Fellowship. We would like to invite junior faculty members (in practice less than 10 years) from any country or part of the world to apply. The Fellowship Committee will decide upon the awardee at the ISSLS Annual meeting in Athens in May/June 2017.  Application will be judged based on merit and qualifications, with an emphasis placed on scholarly activities and clinical experience.


For the application the following is needed:
1) Curriculum vitae
2) Two letters of reference from active ISSLS members
3) A description of the reasons for seeking the fellowship that should include:

4) Invitation letter from the ISSLS member you wish to visit during your fellowship (1 member 1-4 weeks).

The recipient is expected to prepare a report following completion of the 1 month to be submitted to the ISSLS Fellowship Committee, and is expected to participate in the following annual meeting. Travel and accommodations for the fellowship will be underwritten by a grant from Seoul Chuk Hospital up to $5000 dollars. Deadline for submission is February 28.

E-mail the completed application to

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