ISSLS Prize Award Winners


ISSLS Prize- Clinical
Consensus on the clinical diagnosis of lumbar spinal stenosis: Results of an International Delphi Study
Tomkins-Lane C., Melloh M., Lurie J., Smuck M., Battie M., Freeman B., Samartzis D., Hu R., Barz T., Stuber K., Schneider M., Haig A., Schizas C., Cheung J., Mannion A., Staub L., Comer C., Macedo L., Ahn S-H., Takahashi K., Sandella D. (CA)

ISSLS Prize – Biomechanics
Vibration really does disrupt the disc – a microanatomical investigation: Kelly Wade,Meredith Schollum,Peter Robertson,Ashvin Thambyah,Neil Broom, New Zealand


ISSLS Prize – Basics
A Detailed Examination of the Elastic Network Leads to A New Understanding of Annulus Fibrosus Organisation
Yu J, Schollum ML, Wade KR, Broom ND, Urban JPG; UK, New Zealand

ISSLS Prize– Bioengineering
Cyclic Loading-Induced Convection Enhances Net Transport Into the Intervertebral Disc
Gullbrand SE, Peterson J, Ahlborn J,  Mastropolo R, Fricker A, Roberts TT, Abousayed M, Lawrence JP, Glennon JC, Ledet EH; USA

ISSLS Prize –  Disc Biology
Vertebral endplate (Modic) change is an independent risk factor for episodes of severe and disabling low back pain
Määttä J, Wadge S, MacGregor A, Karppinen J, Williams FMK;  Finland

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