Instructional Courses

Purpose: ISSLS Instructional Course Committee (ICC) was created to promote Instructional Courses in host countries interested to organize an ISSLS Instructional Course. The ISSLS Instructional Course Committee is and Ad Hoc committee i.e. the committee meets when the chairman calls for a meeting.

Instructional Course Committee (ICC): Three ISSLS Instructional Course Committee members proposed by the ISSLS Nominating Committee, each member is elected for 3 years, at the third year membership a member becomes chair of the ICC. One member exits every year, rotation of members is secured. See here for this year’s ISSLS ICC

Instructional Course Application Deadline: The ISSLS ICC entertains proposals for Instructional Courses up to the January 30 each calendar year. If the deadline cannot be met the director of a proposed course will have to contact the ICC Chair. A co-Director must be an ISSLS member if the Director of the instructional course is not an ISSLS member.

Instructional Course Application: The application for a proposed instructional course must include:

Note that ISSLS as an organization typically fund one or two ISSLS members to participate at the course, other than supplying one or two speakers the ISSLS will not be funding the rest of the cost expenditure. The local host is expected to find funding for the other speakers and all other expenses for the suggested Instructional Course.

There is no special format for the application; prior course programs can be obtained from Katarina Olinder Eriksson (

Time for preparation for an Instructional Course: Typically an instructional course from the idea to course completion is one to two years. The course has to be approved by ISSLS Executive Committee.

Prior Instructional Course Sites: See here