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ISSLS Virtual meeting
Connecting us through Interaction, Discussion & Debate

The preliminary program for the ISSLS Virtual Annual meeting 2021 is now ready. Our aim has been to create strong emphasis on engagement and interaction at our Virtual Meeting and we have planned  the live part of the meeting to be focused on discussion. See further information below.

The scientific program will have a daily live 2-hour program and will be broadcasted on different times each day to fit the different time zones; Asian/Pacific, Europe and  North America. Information about the exact times will be available soon but our aim is that as many people as possible will be able to view the live sessions and take part in the discussion at a decent time of the day. 

All presentations will be pre-recorded, (oral presentations – 5 minutes and special posters and general posters – 3 minutes) and will be available on-line at all times for registered during the whole meeting.

Presentations in the different categories will be as follows:

Oral presentations

The full presentations (5 min) will be available on the website at all times for all registered. During the live stream, each presentation will have a one-minute, also pre-recorded, summary slide, and 7 papers will be presented in each session, which means 7 minutes of presentations. Each session is 30 minutes so there will be plenty of time for lively discussions. The presenters will have to be present at the live-streamed session to answer questions and take part in discussions.

Special posters

The full presentations (3 min) will be available on the website at all times for all registered.There will be four parallel sessions at each Special Poster Session. During the live stream, seven one-minute pre-recorded summary slides, one for each presentation, will be presented in each session. Also for special posters each session is 30 minutes and there will be plenty of time for lively discussions.

General posters

The full presentations (3 min) will be available on the website at all times for all registered. The posters are thematically organized in sessions and blog discussion will be available in written format for each session.



  • Monday, May 31, Day 1

  • Committee meetings (committee members only)
  • Tuesday June 1, Day 2

  • Committee meetings (committee members only)
  • First Business meeting (for members only)
  • Wednesday June 2, Day 3

  • Welcome and Presidential Lecture by Helena Brisby – President
  • Session 1: Best Papers (Basic Science)
  • Session 2: Basic Science: disc biology, muscle, and bone quality
  • Session 3: Intervertebral discs and modic change
  • Session 4: Low back pain
  • Thursday, June 3, Day 4

  • Special poster sessions 5:1-5:4
  • Session 6: Best Papers (clinical)
  • Session 7: Surgery
  • Session 8: Clinical trials, deformity and balance
  • Presidential lecture: Mamoru Kawakami Immediate Past President
  • Friday, June 4, 2021, Day 5

  • Second business meeting (for members only)
  • Fellowship awards ceremony
  • Special poster sessions 9.1-9.4
  • Session 11 ISSLS Prize Ceremony
  • Closing remarks – Scott Blumenthal, First Vice President

With sincere appreciation the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine thanks the following companies for their support of the 47th ISSLS Annual Meeting.