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ISSLS Prize Committee 2020/2021 Björn Rydevik, Chair
Helena Brisby – President
Scott Blumenthal – First Vice President
Mamoru Kawakami – Immediate Past President
Jeffrey Lotz – Secretary
Kazuhisa Takahashi
ISSLS Program Committee Seiji Ohtori
Yong Hai
Paul Hodges
ISSLS Membership Committee Michele Battié
Fabio Zaina
Masahiro Kanayama
Fellowship Committee Hirotako Haro
Grace O’Connell
Bradley Weiner
Lifetime Achievement Committee Jeffrey Lotz – Secretary (Chair)
Helena Brisby – President
Mamoru Kawakami – Past President
Hans Joachim Wilke – Member (2020-2023)
Max Aebi – Former Winner (2019-2022)
Robert Fraser – Former Winner (2019-2022)
ISSLS Research Grant Committee Jeffrey Lotz – Secretary (Chair)
Helena Brisby – President
Scott Blumenthal – 1st Vice President
Tim Yoon – 2nd Vice President
James Iatridis,
Christopher Colloca and Christy Tomkins-Lane – Scientific Representatives
Nominating Committee 2019
Mamoru Kawakami (Immediate Past President – Chair)
Jeffrey Lotz (Secretary)
Scientific Representatives James Iatridis
Christopher Colloca
Christy Tomkins-Lane

With sincere appreciation the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine thanks the following companies for their support of the 47th ISSLS Annual Meeting.