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ISSLS Focus Groups – A Call for Proposals 

ISSLS Focus Groups gives a chance to meet with colleagues from around the world on a specialty topic of your choice.

The International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine (ISSLS) has been a leading scientific society in the area of low back pathology for over 40 years. Our Annual Meeting serves a forum for the exchange of information between members and non-­members in the basic science and clinical areas related to low back pain, disability, and other lumbar spine problems.

The distinctive strengths of ISSLS include the broad international attendance at our Annual Meeting and the multidisciplinary nature of the attendees.

Given this multidiscplinary focus of our Annual Meeting, some clinicians and basic scientists may not attend, rather preferring a more focused meeting in their area of specialty. For example, some surgeons may prefer a very focused meeting on surgical issues in the lumbar spine rather than the broad mix that is presented at ISSLS.

The Idea
To take advantage of our broad attendance from international leaders at the Annual Meeting, we would like to provide our members with the opportunity to organize focused sub-­specialty sessions prior to the Annual Meeting. These Focus Groups would enable advanced discussion and possible collaboration amongst a subset of interested members & non-­members. There is no limit to the nature of the topic to be discussed, apart from it being relevant to the mission of ISSLS. Possibilities include genetics, disc biology, registry, radiology etc., but ultimately are up to the creative energies of our membership.

What we can help you with this year to advertise the Focus Group meeting on our website and also to supply you with a link to the meeting. You can decide for a time when you think most people would be able to attend depending on time zones etc and when you send in your Focus Group proposal please also state the time you would like to hold the meeting in BST/GMT London time zone. The administrative organization of each Focus Group meeting must be provided by its Chair and members -­ not the ISSLS Office.

Next Steps
Each Focus Group must have a Chair who is an ISSLS member. The Chair is responsible for submitting a proposal that outlines the topic and describes briefly the rationale for a Focus Group (max. 1 page). The Focus Group Chair should be prepared to provide a brief report on progress at the Focus Group Report session during the ISSLS meeting. It is anticipated that some Focus Groups may meet in several consecutive years, while others may meet only once.

The Focus Group proposals are due to the ISSLS Administrative Secretary by December 31. A maximum of four Focus Group proposals will be approved. E-mail proposals can be sent to: [javascript protected email address]


With sincere appreciation the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine thanks the following companies for their support of the 47th ISSLS Annual Meeting.