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Instructions for Authors

All other information incl. registrations for the ISSLS virtual meeting can be found here:

You have reached the resource page for all abstract presenters who have been accepted to participate at this year’s meeting. Please review the instructions below carefully.

We are no longer accepting new abstracts for our 2021 meeting.

If you have any questions regarding these instructions please e-mail

If you have any questions regarding the program, your abstract, or want to change presenting author etc., please email

All Abstracts

All presenters with accepted abstracts (oral presentations, special poster presentations, general posters) for the 2021 ISSLS meeting must submit a presentation in pdf format (E-Poster) by the above deadline and according to the instructions below. For oral and special poster presentations a 1-minute pre-recorded presentation should also be submitted.

Oral presentations:

  • E-poster (e.g. PPT) saved as a pdf,  max 10 slides,  available for participants during the whole meeting
  • A pre-recorded presentation (see instructions below) in MP4 format, 1 minute, this will be sent during the live session as a basis for discussions
  • See instructions below

Special poster presentations 

  • E-poster (e.g. PPT) saved as a pdf,  10 slides, available for participants during the whole meeting
  • A pre-recorded presentation (see instructions below) in MP4 format, 1 minute, this will be sent during the live session as a basis for discussions
  • See instructions below

Please note: The only difference this year between oral presentations and special poster presentations is that the special posters have parallel sessions.

General poster presentations.

E-poster (e.g. PPT) saved as a pdf,  max 10 slides, available for participants during the whole meeting, and discussions will be in written format. See instructions below.

Due Dates and Guidelines

You must be registered for the conference no later than April 15, 2021.
All pre-recorded presentations and e-posters are also due no later than April 15, 2021.




Within the E-Poster file, it is possible to embed photos and graphic files (e.g. .jpeg, .gif, and .png). Do not include videos or animations
Format of slides: 16:9 landscape format
E-Posters are limited to a maximum of 10 pages:

Company logos are not permitted anywhere in the E-Poster presentation

  • Page 1: Title – must include the title and all supporting authors
  • Page 2: Disclosures
  • Page 3: Introduction (1 page)
  • Page 4: Methods (1 page)
  • Page 5-8: Results (1-4 pages)
  • Page 9: Discussion (1 page)
  • Page 10: Summary points (1 page)

Keep text and figure legends brief
Use bold type, 22 pt type font minimum to ensure legibility.
Charts, drawings and illustrations should be as simple as possible

The E-Posters will be uploaded to the conference website for delegates to view prior to, at any time during, the meeting.

Oral Presentations (incl best papers session) and Special Posters:

In addition to the E-poster, please submit a pre-recorded presentation (e.g. PPT with your narration) in MP4 format that will be shown during the ISSLS virtual meeting. For each abstract:

The pre-recorded presentation will consist of a maximum of 5 slides with audio, and will be limited to 1-minute in overall length.

  • Slide 1: Title – must include abstract title, and all supporting authors
  • Slide 2: Disclosures
  • Slide 3: Methods (1 slide)
  • Slide 4: Results (1 slide)
  • Slide 5: Summary points (1 slide)

The 1-minute presentation will be played during the live conference prior to questions and discussion. As an author, we expect that you or a co-author will be present during the session to answer questions and participate in the discussion. Remember, the delegates will be instructed to have viewed your E-Poster prior to your session, so the 1-minute presentation is meant to be a brief summary for the purpose of stimulating discussion.

General Posters
Please submit your E-Poster as described above. Please note that you do not need to submit a 1-minute presentation as previously informed.
There is no specific time slot for general posters, they will be available for all participants during the whole meeting and there will be a thematically organized blog for discussion in written format

Special LecturesPresidential Lectures, ISSLS Prizes, Fellowship presentations
These lectures do not require an E-Poster submission. Each lecture of this type will be pre-recorded in MP4 format and uploaded by the above date.

The Presidential Lecture presentations are limited to 15 minutes.

The ISSLS Prize presentations are limited to 10 minutes, and should include a title slide (with the abstract number, title, and supporting authors) and a disclosure slide.

How to upload your presentation

E-Posters are saved in .pdf format.

Save your pre-recorded presentation(s) as an MP4 file.
VERY IMPORTANT: Naming Convention Your file name should be saved as: Surname_Name_Abstract Type_AbstractID
For example: Doe_John_OP_ID#xxxxx

Abstract Types: OP (Oral Presentation), SP (Special Poster), or GP (General Poster)
Where do I find my Abstract ID#? Please refer to your abstract acceptance letter or check the preliminary program on the website.

Please upload your MP4 and E-Posters saved in .pdf files here no later than April 15, 2021:


With sincere appreciation the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine thanks the following companies for their support of the 47th ISSLS Annual Meeting.