Nominating Procedures

(members only)

See below for the procedures.

This year (2020/2021), you cannot nominate Max Aebi, Jiri Dvorak or Scott Boden as these members were on last year’s nominating committee. Mamoru Kawakami, past President, will chair the committee and Jeff Lotz, as Secretary of ISSLS, will join the committee.

1. The Nominating Committee shall consist of the Past President Mamoru Kawakami (chair), the Secretary Jeff Lotz, and three members of the Society. Nominations for the Nominating Committee shall be received by the ISSLS Administrative Office from any members of the Society after the Annual Meeting until November 15th. All nominations must be accompanied by a brief bio sketch and photograph.

2. The three members shall be elected to the Nominating Committee through an on-line voting process that will be concluded on January 15th (each member receives three votes).

3. The Nominating Committee shall present one nomination for the office of second Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, the nine Regional Representatives as each becomes vacant, and one member of the Membership, Fellowship,  and Program Committees via a membership survey eight weeks before the start of the Annual Meeting. Members shall have the opportunity to suggest other members for the open positions via communication with the ISSLS Administrative Office.

4. Online voting on the slate from the Nominating Committee (yes/no) shall begin six weeks before and close four weeks before the Annual Meeting. If the slate from the Nominating Committee does not receive more than 50% acceptance of those voting, then the Nominating Committee will propose an updated slate at the First Business Meeting of the subsequent Annual Meeting. Members of the Society may make additional nominations to this slate of candidates at that First Business Meeting and a vote for any contested positions will be taken at the Second Business Meeting.

Members of the Society who serve on the Nominating Committee are ineligible to be nominated for office in that year and are ineligible for re-election to the Nominating Committee in the succeeding year.

We rely on the wisdom of the Nominating Committee to present Members with the requisite level of expertise and service to the Society, especially for the Officers of the Society. As an international, interdisciplinary society, it is expected that the various positions within the Society will respect geographic and discipline-specific diversity.

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