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President Jeremy Fairbank
Immediate Past President Kazuhisa Takahashi
Second Past President S Rajasekaran
First Vice President Robert Gunzburg
Second Vice President James Kang
Secretary Tom Oxland
Secretary-Elect Tim S Yoon
Treasurer Helena Brisby

Regional Representatives

Africa Peter Hagembe (2013-2016)
Asia/Pacific Ashish Diwan (2012-2015)
Canada Stuart McGill (2013-2016)
Europe Keita Ito (2013-2016)
United Kingdom Patricia Dolan (2011-2014)
Japan Seiji Ohtori (2013-2016)
Eastern U.S. John Lurie (2011-2014)
Central U.S. Frank Phillips (2013-2016)
Western U.S. Robert Hart (2012-2015)

Chairmen and others

Fellowship Chairperson Michelle BattiƩ
Program Chairperson David Wong
Membership Chairperson Teija Lund
Instructional Course Chairman Margareta Nordin
Scientific Representatives Paul Hodges
Jaro Karppinen
Dawn Elliott
By-Laws Chairman Gunnar Andersson

With sincere appreciation the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine thanks the following companies for their support of the 47th ISSLS Annual Meeting.