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President James Kang
Immediate Past President Robert Gunzburg
Second Past President Jeremy Fairbank
First Vice President Keith DK Luk
Second Vice President Teija Lund
Secretary Tim S Yoon
Treasurer Helena Brisby

Regional Representatives

Asia/Pacific Jong-Beom Park (2015-2018)
Canada Stuart McGill (2013-2016)
Europe Keita Ito (2013-2016)
United Kingdom Alastair Gibson (2014-2017)
Japan Seiji Ohtori (2013-2016)
Eastern U.S. Rowland Hazard (2014-2017)
Central U.S. Frank Phillips (2013-2016)
Western U.S. Vedat Deviren (2015-2018)

Chairmen and others

Fellowship Chairperson Mohammed Mossaad
Program Chairperson Sally Roberts
Membership Chairperson Hee-Kit Wong
Instructional Course Chairman Keith DK Luk
Scientific Representatives Dawn Elliott
Mamoru Kawakami
Wilco Jacobs
By-Laws Chairman Gunnar Andersson

With sincere appreciation, the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine thanks the following companies for their sponsorship of the 48th ISSLS Annual Meeting in Boston, USA