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Below is presentation guidelines for the three different types of presentations at the ISSLS meeting in Boston. Please read the guidelines carefully.

Oral Presentation

The oral presentations are 5 minutes long and this time allotment is strictly enforced. At the beginning of each presentation, all speakers must state to the audience that they are aware of and have disclosed any potential conflicts of interest or support that might cause a bias in their presentation. Slides will be shown in 16:9 format.

Your presentation needs to be handed to the Audio-Visual staff at the session room no later than 2 hours before the presentation, please use an USB. You cannot use your own computer.

Our Audio-Visual staff will be available in the Speaker Ready Room, on Monday, May 8 during registration hours and all day from May 9-13. Please note that if your presentation contains video files, the PowerPoint file and the video file must be in the same folder.

Special Poster Session

Information about poster size can be found under Poster Board Dimensions below. In this session you will have a 3-minute oral presentation in front of your poster followed by a discussion by the audience for 5 minutes. This special poster should be printed as a poster, you cannot use PowerPoint. Please check at the meeting for the exact location of your session.

General Poster

Information about poster size can be found under Poster Board Dimensions below. The posters will be renumbered, and the new numbers will be e-mailed out prior to the meeting

Important: You are expected to stand by your poster during the General Posters Session on Thursday, May 12 at 14:30-15:30. During this session refreshments will be served.

Poster Board Dimensions

Poster board will be provided to display your materials. The size of the poster should be 55 cm (21 inch) cm wide and 120 cm (44 inch) high portrait format. Other materials including poster title should be exhibited within the recommended size for posters. Please bring your poster with you.

Poster Mounting

General poster display area is at the Gloucester Room . Posters would be set-up from Monday May 9 (16:30-18:00) by authors and displayed from Tuesday, May 10 to Friday May 13 at 11:00.

The organizers are not responsible for loss or damage to the posters that are not removed by authors within the times of dismantling as indicated above.

The ISSLS 2022 Secretariat will provide pushpins to be used directly on the poster boards. Velcro, and general tapes can also be used but may damage your poster. Do not use foam core or any thick or multi-layered material