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Long-term follow up suggests spinal fusion is associated with increased adjacent segment disc degeneration but without influence on clinical outcome. Results of a combined follow-up from 4 RCTs
Mannion AF, Leivseth G, Brox J-I, Fritzell P, Hägg O, Fairbank JCT; Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, UK

Mechanical influences in progressive intervertebral disc degeneration
Stefanakis M, Luo J, Pollintine P, Dolan P, Adams MA; UK, Cyprus

Increased Innervation and Sensory Nervous System Plasticity in a Mouse Model of Low Back Pain due to Intervertebral Disc Degeneration
Miyagi M, MD, Millecamps M, Danco AT, Ohtori S, Takahashi K, Stone LS; Canada, Japan


Link Protein Peptide (LPP) stimulates chondrocyte matrix synthesis by human intervertebral disc cells with minimal effect on osteogenic genes
Wang Z, Hutton WC, Yoon ST; Atlanta, GA, USA


The anatomy of failure in lumbar disc herniation – an in-vivo, multi-modal, prospective study of 181 subjects
Rajasekaran R, Bajaj N, Tubaki V, Kanna R, Shetty AP; Tamil Nadu, India


Lumbar Vertebral Endplate Lesions: Associations with Disc Degeneration and Back Pain History
Yue Wang, Tapio Videman, Michele C. Battié

Disk dynamic compression in rats produces persistent increases in inflammatory mediators in disks and induces persistent nerve injury and regeneration of the afferent fibers innervating disks
Miyagi M, Ishikawa T, Kamoda H, Suzuki M, Murakami K, Shibayama M, Orita S, Eguchi Y, Arai G, Sakuma Y, Kubota G, Oikawa Y, Ozawa T, Aoki Y, Toyone T, Takahashi K, Inoue G, Kawakami M, Ohtori S, Chiba, Japan

Inhibition of NF-kB activity ameliorates age-associated disc degeneration in a mouse model of accelerated aging
Nasto L, Seo H, Tilstra J, Robinson A, Clauson C, Sowa G, Ngo K, Dong Q, Lee J, Robbins P, Niedernhofer L, Kang J, Vo N, Pittsburgh, USA


Function after spinal treatment, exercise and rehabilitation (FASTER): A factorial randomised trial to determine whether the functional outcome of spinal surgery can be improved
McGregor, A, Doré, C, Morris, T, Morris, S, Jamrozik, London, UK and Adelaide, Australia

Adaptations to the multifidus muscle in response to experimentally induced intervertebral disc degeneration
Brown, S, Gregory, DE, Carr, JA, Ward, SR, Masuda, K, Lieber, RL, Guelph, Canada and San Diego, US

Basic Science
Smudging the motor brain in recurrent low back pain
Hodges, P, Tsao, H, Danneels, L, Brisbane, Australia and Ghent, Belgium


Clinical: Prevalence, determinants and association of Schmorl’s nodes of the lumbar spine with disc degeneration: A population based study of 2449 individuals
F Mok, D Samartzis, J Karppinen, KDK Luk, DYT Fong, KMC Cheung. Hong Kong, China and Helsinki, Finland

Biomechanics: How loading rate influences disc failure mechanics: a microstructural assessment of internal disruption
S Veres. P Robertson, N Broom, Auckland, New Zealand

Basic Science: A study of effects of in vivo mechanical forces on human lumbar discs with scoliotic disc as a biological model. Results from serial post-contrast diffusion studies, histopathological and biomechanical analysis of 21 human lumbar scoliotic discs
S Rajasekaran , S Vidyadhara. M Subbiah, V Kamath, R Karunanithi, A Shetty, K Venkateswaran, M Babu, J Meenakshi, Coimbatore, India


Basic Science/Biomechanics: What influence does sustained mechanical load have on diffusion in the human intervertebral disc? An in-vivo study using serial post-contrast magnetic resonance imaging
R Arun, B Freeman, B Scammell, D McNally, P Gowland, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Nottingham, UK, Adelaide, Australia

Clinical: Does discography cause accelerated progression of degeneration changes in the lumbar disc: A ten-year cohort-controlled study.
E Carragee, A Don, E Hurwitz, J Cuellar, J Carrino, R Herzog, Stanford, CA, Honolulu, Hawaii, New York, NY, Baltimore, MD, USA


Clinical: Early Predictors of chronic work disability: A prospective, populations-based study of workers with back injury
JA Turner, G Franklin, D Fulton-Kehoe, L Sheppard, B Stover, R Wu, JV Gluck, TM Wickizer, Seattle, Washington, USA

Biomechanics: Integrating theoretical and experimental methods for functional tissue engineering of the annulus fibrosus
N Nerurkar, R Mauck, D Elliott, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Basic Science: A Microstructural investigation of interlamellar connectivity and mechanical disruption within the lumbar intervertebral disc annulus
ML Schollum, SP Veres, PA Robertson, ND Broom, New Zealand


Cost-effectiveness of two forms of circumferential lumbar fusion: A prospective randomized controlled trial
B Freeman, N Steele, T Sach, J Hegarty, R Soergaard, Nottingham, UK, Aarhus, Denmark

Repeated disc injury causes persistent inflammation
J Ulrich, E Liebenberg, D Thuillier, J Lotz, San Francisco, CA, USA


Rapid Atrophy of the Lumbar Multifidus Follows Experimental Disc or Nerve Root Injury
Hodges, Paul; Holm, Allison Kaigle; Hansson, Tommy; Holm, Sten
Australia and Gothenburg, Sweden


Delayed Trunk Muscle Reflex Responses Increase the Risk of Low Back Injuries
Cholewicki, Jacek; Silfies, Sheri P.; Shah, Riaz A.; Greene, Hunter S.; Reeves, N Peter; Alvi, Kashif; Goldberg, Barry, Lansing, MI, USA

Glial phosphorylated p38 MAP kinase mediates pain in a rat model of lumbar disc herniation and induces motor dysfunction in a rat model of lumbar spinal canal stenosis
Ito T, Ohtori S, Inoue G, Koshi T, Doya H, Ozawa T, Saito T, Moriya H, Takahashi K, Chiba, Japan


A study of diffusion in human lumbar discs: a serial magnetic resonance imaging study documenting the influence of the endplate on diffusion in normal and degenerate discs.
Rajasekaran S, Babu JN, Arun R, Armstrong BR, Shetty AP, Murugan S.

Collagen fibril sliding governs cell mechanics in the anulus fibrosus: an in situ confocal microscopy study of bovine discs.
Bruehlmann SB, Matyas JR, Duncan NA.

LMP-1 upregulates intervertebral disc cell production of proteoglycans and BMPs in vitro and in vivo.
Yoon ST, Park JS, Kim KS, Li J, Attallah-Wasif ES, Hutton WC, Boden SD, Atlanta, GA, USA


The innervation of the intervertebral disc: a quantitative analysis.
Fagan A, Moore R, Vernon Roberts B, Blumbergs P, Fraser R, Adelaide, Australia

Erythropoietin inhibits spinal neuronal apoptosis and pain following nerve root crush.
Sekiguchi Y, Kikuchi S, Myers RR, Campana WM, Fukushima, Japan, San Diego, CA, USA

A novel approach to determine trunk muscle forces during flexion and extension: a comparison of data from an in vitro experiment and in vivo measurements.
Wilke HJ, Rohlmann A, Neller S, Graichen F, Claes L, Bergmann G, Ulm, Germany


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