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If you’d like to know more about the ISSLS Prize and hear from some past winners, watch this video

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 ISSLS Prize

The 2023 ISSLS Prize winners presented their prize-winning manuscripts at the ISSLS Prize Ceremony during the Annual Meeting, combined with Spineweek, in Melbourne, Australia in May, 2023.

Clinical Science

Clinical Science

Comparison of degenerative MRI features of the intervertebral disc between those with and without chronic low back pain. An exploratory study of two large female populations using automated annotation.

Amir Jamaludin, Timor Kadir, Andrew Zisserman, Iain McCall, Frances M.K. Williams, Helena Lang, Elaine Buchanan, Jill P.G. Urban, Jeremy C.T. Fairbank.

Basic Science

Basic Science

Lactate in Lumbar Discs – Metabolic Waste or Energy Biofuel? Insights from in-vivo MRS and T2r analysis following exercise and nimodipine in healthy volunteers.

Pushpa B.T., S. Rajasekaran, Murugesh Easwaran, Chandhan Murugan, Raksha Algeri, Sri Vijay Anand K.S., Rishi Mugesh Kanna, Ajoy Prasad Shetty

Bioengineering Science

Bioengineering Science

Age- and sex-related differences in lumbar intervertebral disc degeneration between patients with chronic low back pain and asymptomatic controls. 

Noah B. Bonnheim, Ann A. Lazar, Anika Kumar, Zehra Akkaya, Jiamin Zhou, Xiaojie Guo, Conor O’Neill, Thomas M. Link, Jeffrey Lotz, Roland Krug, Aaron J. Fields.

Applications are currently closed.  Please do not submit any applications to the European Spine Journal or ISSLS until the call for applications is made later in 2023. 

The ISSLS Prize program, sponsored by European Spine Journal, comprises three awards of $US20,000 each. Prizes are awarded competitively on the basis of scientific merit in one or more of the following areas: basic science, bioengineering science and clinical science.

Papers submitted for the ISSLS Prize Competition must be original, full article manuscripts, not previously published or submitted for publication. All manuscripts submitted for the ISSLS Prize Competition will be considered for publication in the European Spine Journal, following the regular review process for this journal.  The ISSLS Prize winning manuscripts will be guaranteed publication in the European Spine Journal

The Manuscript
The manuscript, written in English, should be in the form of a complete original article, including references, illustrations, tables etc. It should be submitted to the European Spine Journal in accordance with the instructions for online submission, which can be found here: 

The manuscript must be submitted to:

  • EUROPEAN SPINE JOURNAL by October 15, 2023; and
  • at the ISSLS secretariat, together with the completed Application Form. (A link to this form will be provided when applications are re-opened later in 2023.)

One of the authors is required, at their own expense, to attend the ISSLS Annual Meeting in Milan, Italy, to present the paper and receive the award.

Please note: Submitting a paper for the ISSLS Prize is not an automatic entry to the abstracts for the forthcoming annual ISSLS meeting. You must submit an abstract for the annual meeting in accordance with submission details announced by ISSLS prior to the meeting.

ISSLS Prize winners